It’s Women’s Day with a Twist @Futurisk this Year!

This Woman’s Day, we wanted to bring in real change by turning the spotlight on men, to encourage other men in practicing parity at home, work and beyond. The idea is to throw some real time examples on how men support, encourage and celebrate the success of women in their life, help other men understand what they can do to support women in their life.

We are delighted to publish the best 5 entries at “Boots for Stilettos” Campaign on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, 2017.


1.    Nikhil MoturiAshmitha Boopathy Moturi

I write a small series on my Facebook Wall aptly called “Life With Wifey”.

The series comes with the clarity that humor is important but it also alludes to the fact that the wifey is confident about herself and understands these are just jokes and is able to poke holes in my theories and get back at me with some wonderful replies. If I actually had second gender biases, the series would never have originated, as it would imply I don’t treat my wife as an equal.


These jokes are a testament that I don’t believe in second gender biases and women in my life are equals or more!


1.      Passport Renewal

Me: Trying to get my passport renewed

Passport officer: It expired in 2016, why did you take so long to come in to renew

Me: I am a married man, my wifey did not tell me.


2.      Random Conversations

Me: Dear wifey did you know they legalized weed in most parts of the U.S.

Wife: Yes that's mainly for people with medical problems disabilities and potheads. You don't have any disability and you don't smoke.

Me: You won't understand. I have a wifey... hence why I need the weed.

Wifey Reaction: after a few minutes of silence I got yelled at.


2.    Raj Mohan- Chandrika Raj Mohan

'A happy women's day' to all women across the Globe. I personally subscribe to the fact that every day is a Mother's day/Women's day and we should celebrate womanhood in all its glory and true essence every minute and microsecond. Without Shakthi, which is depicted in Vedas and Hindu scriptures, the female form of Power, nothing moves. Anu (Atom) without Shakthi (Subatomic particles) doesn’t move.

To show the importance of my wife in my life here is an example, right from my mail ID to all my passwords, I have always been using my spouse's DOB/YOB only, of late though, I am using my first and newborn's DOB/YOB.

Ours is a properly arranged marriage, I am a typical Chennai guy and she is from Mysore, a small town in Karnataka. So, initially, during our sweet nonsense, before the marriage talks, I had given her enough confidence that she will have a secured life. More than anything, a woman always require a sense of security. After 6 months of our marriage, having understood her strength as a dress designer and having run an NGO and a preschool, before marriage, I wanted to keep her in front and start something on our own, which will showcase her hidden skills and strength.  So, I decided to quit a high paying job and we started two preschool franchises in Chennai. I had put all my savings money and bet on her coherent strength to run this venture successfully. And it turned out to be quite a hit, 100% credit to her experience and patience which set the school’s standard high. We had articles in the local newspapers too. This was one of the major things which we did during the early years of our married life, which spurred other spontaneous things in life for us. Also, it gave her friends and relatives back home, a 360-degree perception about her strength and qualities and it gave lots of brownie points to her and catapult her leadership qualities amidst her circle thus inspiring other women also to start something of their own and be confident about themselves. This is a perfect story of a small town girl coming to a mega city like Chennai and establishing an identity of her own. She also continued her dress designing and a small brand of women's western tops which we used to market within our circle. And after that, I supported her in attending home baking classes where she used to bake cakes, muffins, cupcakes and supply them to our neighborhood parties. But her major breakthrough was a supply of 2000 cakes, during a cultural event in SRM. During the whole challenge of getting the batter done and outsourcing the baking and pricing it rightly, I stood by her, it was a very successful attempt for a novice home baker. Post this, she was in a family way, after 8 years of our successful and fruitful marriage, we had a son on Sep 27th 2016 and for the last 5 months, I have released my leg from the accelerator of my routine business so as to help her in daily chores, we divide our time and duty equally to take care of our son Vivaan. I not only help in bathing and feeding the child, but also help in cooking, wherever I can, to reduce her work burden and enjoy this phase of womanhood, called Motherhood.

To all those lovely women as wife, mother and daughters, we men folk respect and salute your extraordinary contribution to our lives. Thank you and please stay that way.

3.    Rajeev Menon- Beena Menon

I am not sure if I should be taking credit for what my spouse achieves. That itself would be a condescending male chauvinist viewpoint. Both men and woman are partners and share equal amount of responsibilities and duties. Gone are the days when man was the bread winner and woman the homemaker. It suited a different era and perhaps was simply a division of labor which got entrenched as gender-based division of labor. Today's woman is just as qualified to bring the bacon home. Chores at home is again a shared responsibility which I do most gladly and definitely not as a favor. We need to enjoy each other’s achievement and lend a shoulder when chips are down. Every day is a story and together its life well lived.

4.    M. Ponma Sivanthi- Sellepoo (mother)

My mom is 67 years old. She went to high school during her childhood and lived as a typical housewife who spent many years at home listening to my father’s instructions till he was alive then listened to her son and daughters. She never had specific preference because she is used to live her life as per her kids’ and hubby’s preferences. Be it watching a TV channel or watching movies, she never had her own choice. I wanted to entertain her and bring her on par with today digital world so that she feels empowered. I bought her a smart phone 2 years back. At the age of 65 she was not sure about how to use it or what to do with it.


I spent a lot of time with her in teaching her about the phone. Now she regularly updates her FB account, reads all messages in WhatsApp and searches for her own preferred contents in YouTube. It may look small for this generation. But after my father’s demise, now she has a companion. Now she books cooking gas through the app, she checks her bank balance using mobile banking and does video chatting with my nephew and niece. She is not dependent on anybody now.


5.    R. NiranjanKavitha Niranjan

Coming from a small town with little or no experiences of living all alone in metros while I am on long official tours, Kavitha, my wife has managed herself in running the house, managing finance and growing it multiple times and made our family enjoy the best that the world could offer.


She is not only at her best with me but is also a best friend to our daughter Nikhita. Memories are still fresh in my mind as to how she went and made our first car purchase all by herself.


All I did was encourage Kavitha at every opportunity that unfolded in front of us with a firm belief that she could do it!